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Cloud Computing Services Brisbane.

Cloud computing can drastically reduce the complexity and worry of managing in-house IT infrastructure. At the same time it can move your expense base from Capital Expenditure to Operational Expenditure, which can be a tax advantage for many businesses (speak with your accountant).

Cloud computing can seem confusing at first but if you are already using one of the following services then you are already ”in the cloud”: Dropbox, Google Calendars, Amazon, Yahoo Email, Hotmail, Office365, Skydrive to name just a few. Below are just some of the advantages of Cloud Computing:

  • Reduced in-house IT infrastructure and management hassles.
  • Change from up-front Capital Expenditure to monthly Operational Expenditure
  • Easy upgrade of server performance or storage requirements
  • Increased Mobility – employees can access company information from anywhere, anytime – not just in the office.

Not all cloud solutions are the same.

Although Cloud computing offers many advantages, it’s not totally without disadvantages. Deciding if a cloud solution is right for your business requires someone who understands the wide range of Cloud product available.  IT Masters have been building Cloud solutions for businesses for over five years.   So if you are thinking Cloud, give us a call and we can help you avoid the thunderstorm.

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If you’re thinking Cloud, speak to our professional staff. We'll help you make the right choice for your business.