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Data is the core of your business and one of your most important assets.

on and off site backupsGood Backup planning generally eliminates the need for expensive data recovery technologies.

The effects of individual computer or of network data loss can be catastrophic. It is PARAMOUNT to ensure your critical data is protected. Backups are the most important line of defense against data loss. Because they are, by nature, an ‘insurance’ and require planning, they are often overlooked.  Many businesses do not recover from total data loss. Ransom-ware attacks are becoming more frequent and the unlock price is rising – the moment you pay, you mark your business as a soft target!

It Masters can help you minimise data disasters.

Backing up files insures you against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures and even natural disasters. A successful data backup and recovery plan consists of multiple steps and tries to address all practical disaster scenarios.  Your personal plan will ultimately depend on the type of data you need to back up and how easy you want the recovery process to be.

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